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Weekly Journal 2

What I'm Reading:  Last year my husband and I treated ourselves to a Sunday subscription for the New York times and it never fails to include an article that blows my mind or just makes me really happy.  This past weekend I was surprised to open the Entertainment section and see a few articles on "Friends." It took me right back to college dorm rooms and watching Must See TV on Thursday nights with all my friends before we went out to parties and bars.  This is the main article, but the piece about Phoebe was my favorite read.

What I'm Excited About: A Central Perk Lego Set!  How cool is this?

What I'm Talking About: I'm in two local book clubs.  One is with my immediate neighbors and I've been a member for years.  This club is the more serious of the two as we always print out discussion questions and thoroughly dissect each selection.  The current pick is Mrs. Everything, which I'm listening to on Audiobook and thoroughly enjoying.  I recently joined …

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