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Saving my Life Right Now

  I love how Modern Mrs. Darcy always posts the things that are saving her life on February second. Groundhog Day or St. Brigid's Day or Candlemas. The halfway point of winter, in other words. It's true we can all easily list what's killing us right now, but it's a great exercise to list what is saving us. It definitely takes some more thought! 1. Cards My husband and I often play 10 card Gin together after dinner or lunch if he has a long enough break.  It's a great way to connect and sometimes the only time during the day where we can actually focus on each other and not the kids and household or work responsibilities.  We also get together with 2 other couples (separately) to play Spades.  Since it is a four player game with two player teams, we break up the couples (I am the teammate of the other husband and vice-versa).  It's really fun and competitive.  After playing a few times together you really figure out what your partner's and opponents'

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