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Math Through Literature

  We love math books at Lyons Academy.  No, not the textbooks, although sometimes those are fun, but I'm talking about the math picture books, of course!  These are great for a math class, a family read aloud or to add to your poetry teatime. This roundup covers a wide range of ages, so I'll try to start with preschool age and get older as we move farther down the list. 1 is One  by Tasha Tudor  Oh, we love this one so much, and it's not just the gorgeous illustrations.  "1 is one duckling swimming in a dish.  2 is two sisters making a wish."  It's hard to imagine a more lovely way to introduce a little one to their numbers. Bonus - this book goes up to 20. Anno's Counting Book  by Mitsumasa Anno We are huge fans of Anno in our home and this book is perfect for the younger set.  The first page has  nothing on it - a barren winter landscape.  This is zero. Then we see one tree, one house, one bird, etc. As we move throughout the year each page has mor

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