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Companion Read Pairings: Part One

This past December I knew I would be reading The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe so I saved a book I had been look forward to for my companion read, Becoming Mrs. Lewis.  This wasn't the first time I have enjoyed reading a book on my own that paired well with the family read aloud book, but it may have been the first time I planned it out.  In the past it has been a more serendipitous occurrence, sometimes just expanding on a theme found only marginally in one book or relating to each other in time period or location.  Reading Becoming Mrs. Lewis at the same time as our family read aloud an awesomely enriched literary experience for me.  I felt like I really understood "Jack" (As C.S. Lewis was called) much more as a person and a writer, which gifted me new eyes on this re-read.

I thought I would share a few pairings of a great family read with an equally great adult companion read.  Some of these actually happened in our home, and some I just wished had happened simu…

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