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I love how Modern Mrs. Darcy always posts the things that are saving her life on February second. Groundhog Day or St. Brigid's Day or Candlemas. The halfway point of winter, in other words. It's true we can all easily list what's killing us right now, but it's a great exercise to list what is saving us. It definitely takes some more thought!

1. Cards
My husband and I often play 10 card Gin together after dinner or lunch if he has a long enough break.  It's a great way to connect and sometimes the only time during the day where we can actually focus on each other and not the kids and household or work responsibilities.  We also get together with 2 other couples (separately) to play Spades.  Since it is a four player game with two player teams, we break up the couples (I am the teammate of the other husband and vice-versa).  It's really fun and competitive.  After playing a few times together you really figure out what your partner's and opponents' tendencies are and can try to work within or counter them.  We always leave our card nights in a great mood, even the member of the losing team.

Cards also make a great gift, and I am quite fond of the Theory 11 playing cards. Unlike a lot of novelty cards, they are a nice feel to play with and the lettering/numbering isn't hard to read when you have them fanned out in your hand. These SNL ones are my personal favorite, but there are fun ones for lots of different interests.

2. Self Care
I think self care is especially important in the winter to combat the doldrums of the season and my favorite indulgence has always been a nice warm bath with a book.  Recently, I upgraded my drug store Epson salts to these magnesium flakes and I've been really happy with how well I sleep the nights I use them.

I also added this Fruit Butter Lip Mask to my nightstand this winter, and now I can't imagine going back to a chapstick style lip balm. 

3. Comfort in a Cup
After years of trying lots of different fancy teas, I came to the conclusion that I just liked a good old-fashioned black Irish breakfast tea (with a little honey and splash of milk).  So it came as quite a surprise when I tried a teabag of Harney & Sons Paris Tea.  It's a black tea fancied up with some bergamot and fruity/caramel notes.  My first sip made me question what on earth I've been doing with my life that I just now discovered this!

4.  Walks
Whether I have my trusty sidekick Luna, my husband, or just my phone with a podcast or audiobook, getting outside in the freezing weather is the best way to start my day.  It energizes me and makes me enjoy my morning cuppa all the more. And so nice to have those steps already in before the day gets away from me.

5.  Soup and Sourdough
Ahhhh, is there anything better than sitting down to a piping hot bowl of soup with a crusty slice of fresh bread?  This is my go-to sourdough recipe.  For soup, our favorites are Lentil and Sausage, Comforting Ginger Chicken Noodle, French Onion and Creamy Tomato Basil. Being able to make those last three in the Instant Pot makes them all the easier to fit into our busy life!

6. Podcasts
I love podcasts, but after the tumultuous election year I really had to step back from the news/current event ones.  I love Conan O'Brien or Smartless (they're not the best interviewers, but Sean Hayes, Jason Bateman and Will Arnett have such a great back and forth its' okay if the guest gets overshadowed) when I need a good laugh, but my latest obsession has been the Princess Di series on You're Wrong About... I'm not an insane royal follower but I felt like I probably still knew most of the Charles and Diana saga.  I did not.  Some of it was shocking.  I also like that they were completely empathetic towards the people involved.  Because it was a lot of people in really impossible situations.  Definitely still a lot to chuckle about too, especially the table reads of the various sexy phone calls that were leaked in the media! 

7. Word Games
I've been a long-time fan of NYT games, especially the crossword and Spelling Bee.  Of course I got right on the Wordle trend and love it so much.  Perfect amount of time suck/distraction.  And the sharing feature means I can keep up with all my peeps by texting about it on the daily!

I'd love to hear what is saving your life today! Link up your own blog or tell me in the comments!

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