Chocolate Kind of Day

I have been pretty busy getting everything together for the boys' double birthday tomorrow.  Has not helped that the two year old birthday boy has not taken a nap in about two weeks.  He finally took one today!  And the four year old birthday boy had a new stack of firemen books from the library so I had some time to work on cupcakes this afternoon.

I wanted dalmatian fire dogs on the cupcakes, but could not decide how to make them.  Somehow it occurred to me to use chocolate on parchment paper.  Easier said than done.  I have used this method before to write words or do simple designs like snowflakes or hearts.  Um, a little more difficult with firedogs!

In case you are inclined, here is the basic method (personally, I'd avoid anything with eyes!):

First lay out a piece of parchment paper with the slick side facing up.  You can also draw a basic sketch for your design, but that is kind of like cheating...  I'll just wing it.

Melt your chocolate (I used some white choc. chips, some semi sweet chips & candy melts from michaels for the red and gold).  Do this in the micro for 30 second intervals & stir.  Give it some time between intervals, you don't want to burn it.  If most pieces are melted then just stir until it's smooth.

Now pour the mixture into a freezer quality ziploc back (not storage, it will tear).  If you don't have someone to hold the bag open set it into another measuring cup (yes, I switched colors of chocolate on you).

Now snip a very tiny bit off the bottom of the bag.  You can always make it bigger, so start small.  Fill in your shapes on the parchment.

Repeat with any additional colors, adding details.

If you were careful or drew out templates you should have a nice row of designs.  If you were winging it (and snipped the end of you ziploc a bit too much) yours will look more like this:
Ha, I know, I should say that my boys were helping me!  They weren't.  I feel like I first saw this technique in Martha Stewart Living and she had some glorious picture of perfectly lined up little stars or something.  Oh, well - here's what they look like on the cupcakes.  My birthday boys are quite happy with them.  And happy there were a few mess ups to eat!

See, prudent advice about avoiding anything with eyes.  Luckily for the other batch of cupcakes (chocolate cake with buttercream icing) I bought these.  Oh, and they will not be served on my floral Liberty of London for Target platter.  I love it, but it really doesn't go with the fire theme.


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