Hexie Mess

As Will's second birthday was approaching I realized it wouldn't be long before the crib would be going away and the big boy bed would be coming in.  And with that, of course, new bedding and decor.  I am hoping I still have a while left before we need the bed (especially since we have not purchased nor picked one out yet), but I wanted to get started on some things that will take a while to make.  I have decided to go with a cars theme using the Wheels line from Riley Blake. I'm still not sure about all the items I need to make for his room, but he has a bathroom connected to his room so I figured that was a good place to start.

I saw this cool tutorial for a hexagon bathmat in the 2nd issue of Fat Quarterly.  I lovingly hand pieced these hexagons together for a good week (can't sit still to watch tv, so this helps!).  Then I backed it in an aqua rectangle cut from a towel.  I thought I could get away without basting it because it was so small, so I just serged the edges and then quilted.  I'm very happy with the diagonal double line quilting pattern, but very annoyed at my obviously not straight edges and bad first attempt at machine sewing the binding on.  I am thinking my next step is to get out the rotary cutter, trim the binding off and try again.  Does that sound crazy?  Let me know, I'm kind of lost here...

In other news, the boys definitely enjoyed the battery-powered fan bubble blower guns I got at Target...

until Jack came up behind me and got a large section of my hair caught around the fan. Nice.  Had to be cut out.  At least I have thick hair, hopefully it is not too noticeable.


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