Mr. Darcy Sentiment Pillow

I have a bit of a love affair with Mr. Darcy.   I told my husband this and realized by the worried look on his face that he had repressed the memory of watching the six hour BBC version of Pride and Prejudice.  Anyway, once that was all explained I got started on a little something for Valentine's Week.

Mr. Darcy Sentiment Pillow

Iron on transfer paper like this
scraps of fabric, ribbons, embroidery floss for trim
zipper or invisible zipper
pillow form

Okay, first off I am not going to show you how to make a pillow or install a zipper.  Why reinvent the wheel; you can find a great tutorial on constructing a pillow here or here.  We'll just cover the basics.

Step 1.  Find a quote you like, copy it into Microsoft Word or something similar, enlarge it in a font you like so that it almost covers a full page (you probably will want this on landscape, not portrait).  Now print it out, in a mirror image, on your iron on transfer paper.  I will mention I have a love/hate relationship with this stuff.  It is so cool, but I hate how it leaves lines where the transfer stops.  Maybe instead of cutting it out like i did, you should just iron the entire page on so it is less noticeable.  Any other tips welcome!

Step 2:  Cut out a front and back for your pillow.  I had an 11" x 19" pillow form and I cut my fabric 12" by 20" - that give a pretty snug fit. I used linen for the front, which I thought looked nice with the writing.

Step 3: Arrange your quote on the front of the pillow and use a ruler to make sure the writing is in straight lines.  Follow the directions for your iron on transfer paper to adhere it to the fabric.  Most directions involve a dry iron, pressing for about 30 seconds, letting it cool and then peeling off the backing.  If your backing is not peeling off easily and it has cooled off, iron it again, let it cool and try again.

Step 4:  Now audition some fabrics, trims, etc to decorate your pillow.  I chose some Unicorn fabric from Heather Ross' Far, Far Away line.  I am really trying to use some of those special pieces from my stash!

Step 5:  I used some heat n' bond to fuse the unicorn patch on and then sewed some ribbons on with a decorative stitch.

Step 6:  I felt like it still needed something and I played around with making some ribbon roses.  Now that I see the pictures I am glad I just pinned them on, I think I am going to go the embroidery route. 

Here's the nice thing about an invisible zipper - reversible!



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