Needle Books

Ever since I started seeing photos in flickr made up from this tutorial, on Sew She Sews, I knew I had to have one.  When I talked to my mother in law yesterday, who is having a rough time with the chemo for her breast cancer, I knew she had to have one too.  So last night I made us each one, having finally caught up on etsy orders.  It was so relaxing to do a little free motion quilting.  Not so much the binding, but in the end it is finished at least!

For my mother-in-law, I used Sandi Henderson's farmers market cherries - I thought they looked so cheery and I hope they'll bring a smile to her face.  It's lined with more farmer's market fabric & some Nicey Jane stripes and Amy Butler dots. I used wool felt for the needle pages.  I skipped the snaps on the tutorial and just used some ribbon.  I heat sealed the ends by holding them close to a candle flame until the ends start to melt.

For mine, I used some new Heather Ross fabric I ordered from Spoonflower.  I love these little crickets in their cages (but the cages are a very odd, albeit lovely, shade of pinkish purple that was difficult to match to anything).  Inside I used the same Farmer's Market Pomegranate Seeds and more Amy Butler.  Luckily I found this lovely Heather Bailey Freshcut stripe in my stash, which had the right color of pink.

I love the inside pockets for scissors and floss and the wool pages for needles.  What a great free tutorial!

Oh, and I'm linked up today at Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts' Creative Me Monday, check out what everyone in bloggerland was up to this week!


  1. They are just darling and you are so sweet to make your mother in law one as well. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. stopping by from sidac's creative me monday. these are great!! i love the fabrics. especially the cricket cages! :)

  3. Love the needle books. That is the perfect idea for my SIL's birthday! She just started hand embroidery and would love them!

  4. Thanks for stopping by! Salinda, that does sound like the perfect present!


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