Pattern Review - Jane Bag

I thought I would start sharing some of my favorite patterns with you.  Some will be mass manufactured patterns, some freebies online, and some downloadable PDF's.  This one is the latter.

This pattern is the Jane Market Bag from Posie gets Cozy. I have a book by Alicia Paulson and that made this pattern even more enticing.  That and immediate delivery - I love PDF patterns for this reason.

 First off, let's talk price.  I like to look at patterns in a cost per use way.  So far, I have had this pattern for about two weeks and have made three bags.  So we're looking at $2 a bag.  I'm sure I will make even more, but even at that I think it's well worth the investment.   There may be a few patterns in my sewing room that have never been used (gasp) so I always think it's a treasure to find one that I know I will go to again and again.

So, a market bag.  I'm sure we've all seen plenty of patterns and free tutorials for various market bags.  The construction of this one seems a little superior to the others I've seen.  Something that will take a few extra lines of stitching but will really be something you are proud you made.  I really love the way these pin tuck lines from the corners create a "brown paper bag" shape. 

Last night I made my second and third version and it took about 2.5 hours to complete them both.  Cutting out the fabrics seems to take the longest of any step, but there is a bit of topstitching.  I used my serger for most of the longer seams, so that my have helped save some time.

I also really like having a front and back pocket on the center panel.  From a fabric standpoint, I like how this pocket lets you highlight a special fabric without using up a ton of it.  For now I am keeping receipts in there.  Come farmers market season I can see taking this without a purse and stashing keys and some cash in the pockets.

So, there are loads of examples in the Jane Market Bag flickr pool, but here are my three.  This is the first one I made, in linen and with some Heather Ross Far, Far Away fabric (she was on Martha yesterday, I have it DVR'd!).  Incidentally, someone is going to have to clue me in on a better way of photographing bags!

This is my second version.  I knew as soon as I saw this Alexander Henry Matisse line, I would have to have some of the fabric.  I've loved Matisse since I was little.  I still remember visiting Pittsburgh's Carnegie Museum to see the 'One Thousand and One Nights' and being in awe of it's size, bright colors and the fabulous story of Scheherazade it told.  I love the women from the Vie en Rose print I used on the pockets. 

My third version is made from an old standby fabric line, Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane.   I just love the vintage looking flowers and the updated palette.

 Now I just can't decide which ones I can part with and which one(s) I will keep!


  1. She writes a wonderful pattern! I love the versatility of design options with this too. You have done a super job and I love all of them!!


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