Messenger Bags!

I started these little messenger bags on Friday and actually finished them today.  After cutting out all those pieces, I was worried I might be in over my head, but that turned out to be the most time consuming part.  With bias tape these came together so quickly!

They are, of course, from this book:

 As typical with oliver + s, the pattern was designed beautifully and the directions were very easy to understand.  I am loving this book.  I already made the bucket hats, and can't wait to try my next project!

To make it go a little quicker, I did use nylon webbing for the straps instead of making my own.  And I used purchased bias tape.  Other than that, I followed the book and am in love with these bags.  They have interior pockets to hold a notepad and some pens, outer pockets to hold snacks, and the large interior is great for Gymbo the clown (and a random little rudolph the reindeer)!

Well the boys just loved these today.  It's really easy, if I can get Jack on board Will follows suit with great enthusiasm.  They loved packing up some snacks and having lots of pockets to collect acorns, gumballs, rocks and mulch on our little walk this afternoon.

Time for a snack!  Jack's has a sale remnant of yellow striped canvas I got at Ikea  with a red Japanese animal print lining from superbuzzy.

Look at those cool pockets (with flaps)!  Will's bag has a Japanese print on the front with something on the interior that I will find on the selvedge tomorrow.

My other baby who is hardly ever seen on this blog:

And Will was too tired to make it all the way home...


  1. I find hats and bags a bit scary .... must have a go-these are so sweet!

  2. Really, both patterns were much easier than I feared - give it a try!


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