Passover & Strawberries

In our house it seems like it's always a holiday!  I guess that's what happens when you are Catholic and your husband is Jewish.  So tonight we are celebrating Passover.  It's quite a lot of food by the time it is all said and done, so I have been cooking more than sewing for the last few days.

We moved the dining room table into the kitchen to accommodate everyone.

I picked a bunch of flowers from our yard.

And yesterday the boys and I went to Hall's farm to pick strawberries.  For passover you can't use flour or any leavening products, so fruit and chocolate are always a good bet!  The strawberries are divine!  I was afraid since they just opened on Friday and we've had some chilly nights, but there were tons of red berries on the plants.

So I had to make chocolate covered strawberries.  All I use are strawberries that have been washed and allowed to get really dry and chocolate chips.  Chocolate won't stick to wet berries.  I realize now that I have no idea if ghirardelli chocolate chips are kosher for passover.  One good thing about being a gentile, they are usually pretty forgiving if I miss stuff like that!

So just melt your chips in a pyrex glass bowl or measuring cup - 1 minute to start, stir and then 30 second increments.  Stop when most chips are melted and stir until smooth and totally melted.  This should not take more than 2 minutes total.  You don't want to burn it.  Then just dip and put on a cookie sheet lined with parchment or non-stick foil.

Make yourself a plate for later!

Oh, one note - these don't last long!  I really don't know how companies ship them, they get soggy in a few hours.  I just made my tray, stuck it in the fridge and hope to have most of them gone tonight.  If you have chocolate left (I had strawberries left after finishing the first bag of chips and probably should not have melted the whole second bag) raid your pantry for stuff to dip.  No bad choices here!

And if you still have leftover strawberries, you must make some Lemon Curd from Martha. Food of the gods!

Happy Passover!


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