Pattern Review - Big Butt Baby Pants

Today I am going to share with you one of my favorite patterns - Made by Rae's Big Butt Baby Pants!  I love this pattern, it has it all.  It downloads and prints easily on your home computer & printer, it sews up fast, has lots of colored photos accompanying the easy-to-follow directions, and the options are endless!  I know, funny name, but I guess it is to accommodate the extra bulk of cloth diapered babies, although the sizing has been dead on for me with disposable diapers too.  Speaking of sizes the pants come in 0-3 right up to 2T.

I love how there are only 3 pieces to cut out.  The bottom panel & two legs.  Nice! If you don't embellish them they sew up super fast, if you add some pockets or cuffs you might add an extra ten minutes.  At first I was really hung up on making the bottom panel a different fabric than the legs, which is a really cute look for a baby, but for my big two year old, I've been having fun leaving the three main pieces the same print and adding some details with cuffs and pockets (or not).

When I first bought this pattern - within about five minutes of its release - I was addicted to making these pants.  I sold a few on etsy (some are still available HERE ) and made a lot more as gifts and for my own kids.  I had a computer crash recently and have not had time to deal with photo recovery, so I figured I would make up a few pairs to show you how cool this pattern is.

Here's Will in a seersucker pair with embroidered sailboats (bought the fabric that way):

Here's the back and front of a pair made from some Heather Ross fabric - I left these plain.

Here is Will wearing the pair shown at the top, aqua corduroy trimmed in fishies.  I winged it on pocket placement and they are a little too close to the front.  Should have used Rae's handy free guide on pockets HERE.

And more fishies fabric - this time to make shorts:

And you can see lots more in the Big Butt Baby Pants Flickr pool.


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