This & That

My kids are on spring break this week, so it's been a little exhausting around here.  Ready to send Jack to preschool for a few hours on Tuesday!

Anyway, not a ton of sewing to report, but I did manage to finish a few things.  Presents for my friends' twin boys' first birthdays.  Yes, they are pretty much leashes.  Called the Handy Harness over on the awesome Picolli Piselli blog.

My friend has twin boys that just started walking and a three year old.  Last we talked we figured it would be worth the "you put your children on leashes" stares to keep them out of traffic.  Hope she still feels that way now, because they are on their way!

Also finished my Anna Maria Horner Museum Tunic!  I made a lined version, mostly following the tutorial from Southern Institute for Domestic  Arts & Crafts.  It was my first time working with elastic thread in the bobbin.  I wasn't scared, just hadn't had the right project, and it lived up to everything I hoped.  The one main difference with that tutorial is that I sewed the sides together and then did the rows of elastic thread on the tube - read in the Sandi Henderson Shir Madness tutorial that it is easier to sew all the way around a tube that to sew shirred seams after the fact.  Maybe some day I will model it for you, but after the last round I think I need a diet, a tan, and a haircut!


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