Watercress and Brie Sandwiches

Last night I needed a really easy dinner, because my kitchen looks like this:

I was going to make this in my panini pan, but not so easy without a cooktop.  Oh, well the broiler is a good option since my new oven is now installed.

I ordered some watercress from my local CSA, Farmer's Fresh Market, for pickup yesterday and tried to build a sandwich around it.  I once had an appetizer recipe I used to make a lot which called for orange marmalade, brie and watercress and so I went with that combination.

orange marmelade
watercress (could sub with arugula or microgreens)

 Step 1:  toast the bread under the broiler for about a minute.  Quarter your avocado and, using a fork, mash it and spread onto one slice of each sandwich and top with the turkey (I am not a fan of pre-packed lunch meat, but I was at Trader Joe's and did not have time to run somewhere with a deli).  Spread the other slice of each sandwich with orange marmalade and top with a few slices of the brie.  I'm also making a regular grilled cheese for Will on this pan, no need to add kraft to your sandwich!

Step 2:  Put the baking sheet back under the broiler until the brie starts to melt.  Add a nice bunch of the watercress and put the two pieces together.  Delicious!
You can also add a layer of cream cheese under the marmalade for an even more delicious sandwich.


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