Strawberry Jam

If you go strawberry picking you simply must make this:

I used this recipe, which ends up rather syrupy, but I love that it doesn't have a ton of sugar or pectin in it.  Using it up within the 10 days never seems to be a problem.  I like it as suggested, with ricotta on whole grain toast, or swirled in oatmeal, but it is especially good with scones.  Especially when you also got Violet Flower Jelly from the last Farmer's Fresh Market pickup. 

I mean, how could I pass up the opportunity.  Plus I had one eager little helper for this recipe:

He loves to cook!  Look at the concentration:

 and the satisfaction:

 Oh, and if you have strawberry jam and scones, why not spread a little cheer in the form of an afternoon tea break in a bag to your mommy friends!

A scone, tea bag & little weck jar of jam.  If your kids won't nap I can't help you there, you might just have to take the bag into a room and lock the door.

Oh, and if you were not the recipient of a tea bag to go, my apologies.  I missed a lot of deserving mommy friends, but you probably were not in reasonable distance to get to for my Friday routine  and I ran out of scones...


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