I'm still here!

It's more a lack of posting rather than a lack of doing.  This is some embroidery I've been working on as I try to pull together a big boy room for Will (now that he has a bed and all).  Basically just copied the bike from the Wheels fabric line by Riley Blake.

This past week we headed to Isle of Palms, SC. for a little family beach trip, so we did lots of this:

 a little of that:

and even some of this:

Yes, pattern cutting out (now I am not sure the technical term for that).  I discovered last trip to the beach that while I may be viewed as a crazy person for bringing a sewing machine to the beach, the evening provide the perfect opportunity to cut out all the pieces for any upcoming projects.  Yes, I think I may have still been viewed as a crazy person, even sans sewing machine, when I arrived with a giant ikea bag full of fabric & patterns.

Oh, well!  I cut out 2 tees & 5 pairs of pants for the boys plus a tote bag, dress & shirt for me!  I have lots to keep my busy.

So our trip to the beach was awesome.  If you've never been I can't recommend it strongly enough.  IOP is a quick drive into one of my favorite cities anywhere.  Charleston.  It's not many places you can get bumped into at a packed bar and have the offender offer a sincere apology.  We went in to town twice this trip, once for a trip to Taco Boy and their amazing fresh fruit margaritas and Mexican street corn, and once for a night out on the town.  My brother and his girlfriend went out with Andrew & I.  My brother's fraternity brother and beloved family friend is just finishing up Dental School at MUSC and he, along with his fiance, showed us Charleston nightlife on King Street.  We had a great time at bars like Fish, but my favorite place was Silver Dollar.  Love how now that I click on that link and see it is a college hangout I realize why I felt so old!  Whatever, a couple of preppy white guys rapping to old school Warren G songs is totally worth it!

And I'll end on a silly note.  I made my boys octopus hot dogs on a bed of shells and cheese with peas (I said they were octopi eggs).  Can't remember where I even saw it, but I just cut the lower portion of the hot dog into 8 legs and cut slits for 2 jimmies to make eyes. They were a big hit!

Oh, and probably pretty quiet over here this week as we get back into the swing of things, and I try to fill out my President's End of Year reports for the local MOMS Club.  Can't believe I got suckered into another term too!


  1. OMG Courtney, I can't believe you were at IOP. Were you at Ocean Club in Wild Dunes by chance? That's where we are now! Hate I missed you down here.
    Love the hot dogs and mac n cheese- cute! And the embroidery is great. I just love that print and have used it a bunch for my little guy.


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