Have you guys tried Spoonflower yet?  You can print your own designs on demand to many different types of fabrics.  They also have a pretty impressive lineup of designs by amateurs and professionals (Heather Ross line here!).  I have been experimenting with a few designs and have entered a few of their weekly contests over the past year.

This week the contest is 18" square napkins created from a crayon drawing scanned into your computer.  

So I got to work while the boys were coloring and drew this 9" square.  You can set the repeat to mirror image in Spoonflower to make it into an 18" square. 

You can click here to vote in the contest this week or here to see my design in spoonflower.  All my designs are here.

All but the owls were made from scanned drawings.  The owls were created using picnik by layering basic shapes.

Although I have bought yardage from other designers, like Heather Ross, so far I have only bought swatch sizes of my own fabric designs like so:

But with the napkins, I actually bought a full yard of cotton/linen blend to actually make a set of six (yep, the blend is wider than quilting weight) napkins since they match my kitchen so well.  I'll let you know how it goes. 

Oh, and I should mention that last year I joined in with Crafterhours for their Spoonflower I Spy swap.  The squares are still sitting in the ziploc bag Susan sent to me almost a year ago!!!  Someday...


  1. I definitely want to try Spoonflower but haven't yet. Love your napkins. I can't wait to pop over to Spoonflower and see all your designs. Courtney, we are going to have SO much to talk about when we finally get together! :)


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