If you missed it last week, I joined in on the Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-long.  I believe the rest of the group is officially on week seven or so, but I did bring my grand total of blocks to ten this week - so just a little more catch up for me.

This first block I made is [10] Bow Tie.  I needed something easy!  I used an aqua polka dot, some Sandy Henderson & the orange Pearl Bracelet by Lizzy House.

Up next I finally attempted [3] Basket!  I used the advice here to handle the handle.  Thank you, lizquiltz. Love flickr.

Her advice resulted in a really neat looking handle:

Up next is [7] Birds in The Air.  This was a pain.  36 stinking mini triangles to cut & some attempt at fussy cutting the elephants before I got bored with it.  The aqua is from Anna Maria Horner's new line, Loulouthi.

After that I needed two easy blocks and so I tried [8] Bouquet (In AMH Innocent Crush, AH Heath in green, Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet in Orange & Moda sweet life in gray):

and [9] Box.  This was pretty easy except for making sure those stripes were all facing the right way.  Stripes are from Lizzy House Red Letter Day line & Chairs are Laurie Wisbrun's Tufted Tweets.

I still am not sure if I want to arrange the quilt on point or straight.  I am thinking straight, but there are a few blocks that look better on point.

My quote for this week comes from Mrs. A.B.D. of Park County, Wyoming.

"It is my conviction that when America wearies of jazz and reverts, as a nation, to the ideals of her pioneer forefathers, many will find in the simple joys of the country an antidote to over-sophistication."

I am ending on some 2 year old toes.  I just want to pinch them every time I see them peek out like this.


  1. The blocks are looking great. Don't you just love the earl bracelets form Lizzy House. I have a 2 year old with little toes too, little boys are too fun.

  2. Thanks, yes I am addicted to Pearl Bracelets!


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