Happy Friday!

Yes, it is a happy Friday around here.  The sun is shining, we're planning a trip to the pool with a picnic dinner and the wildflower garden is in bloom:

We had to move our raised vegetable this spring because it wasn't getting enough sun.  That left a spot of bare earth.  It's tough to plant shrubbery in April in the Carolinas, because it gets too hot before the roots can get established, so I opted for wildflower seeds:

Up until this week it has looked like a large plot of weeds.  Now we're finally making some progress.  Maybe soon I can even show you the whole mess of it in its entirety.  Maybe. 

Oh, and THIS showed up in my mailbox.  Makes summer re-runs a little more fun in the evenings!

 A while back I had sold a bunch of stuff on ebay and had a paypal account flush with cash (for a fleeting week or so!).  I pre-ordered this set and Lizzy House's new book, which should be coming soon, too!   I love getting packages!


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