Patriotic Pops

Hope you are having a great start to the Fourth of July festivities.  We're trying to take a little rest after a busy morning at the pool and what is sure to be a late night for the kiddos!

I made these last night for the party my parents are throwing tonight.

This is my first attempt at cakepops.  They were really fun and easy, although far from perfect!
I did make my own buttercream icing, because icing in a can is about the one shortcut I just can't take.  My buttercream icing is my mom's and all you do is beat 1 stick of butter, about 75% of a box of powdered sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla, a dash of salt and a 1/4C of milk.  The butter should sit out about an hour before you make it and you can play with the milk & powdered sugar to get the right consistency.

I had to put my tray back in the freezer twice while I was dipping them in the coating.  They fall apart if they get too warm.  Now that I did basic balls, my mind is thinking ahead to birthday parties....

Oh, and I simply wrapped a package of florist foam in red wrapping paper and poked the sticks in.

how cute are these from  Karla via Bakerella?

or these for a baby shower?  From Veronica via Bakerella.

So many great ideas!  This is going to be my new go to party treat!

Have a safe and happy Independence Day!


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