Power Outage

A storm swept through around 5pm last night and our power was out until about 11pm.    Not bad, just messed up those critical hours to be productive between the kids' bedtime and mine.  I was planning to quilt this.  I was even tempted to start when the lights came back on, but I know better than to start quilting at 11pm.

So the kids and I played a lot of hokey pokey, ring around the rosey & duck, duck, goose and after they went to bed there was just enough light to get the quilt sandwich made, so at least that is out of the way.

I ended up making only a 9 block square.  I forgot I cut a bit of the minkee backing and didn't have enough to make it the intended 3 by 4 blocks.  Oh, well!  I like the symmetry of the square.  I think I am going to call it Stars & Cars.  Sorry for the bad photo, this was taken as daylight was fading fast.  Hopefully I can get if finished and do a decent photo shoot soon!


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