3D Flower Applique Tutorial

Wow, that's a title.  Anyway, if you want to whip this up pretty fast, keep reading:

1.  Fold a scrap of fabric with right sides together and cut out a petal shape (you will have 2 pieces).  I used my pinking shears to make the turning part easier, but it's fine with regular scissors too.  Also fine to use any combination of scraps or one color on top, one on bottom.  You will need five.  Mine are about 2" by 2.5".

2.  Now sew each petal around the "U,"  leaving the straight line on the top open.

3.  Using your fingers or a turning tool (or chopstick, knitting needle, etc) and turn them right side out.  If you did not use pinking shears you may have to make a few slits in the seam allowance around the curve to make the petals look pretty.  Press them with an iron.

4.  Chain stitch them together along the open tops with your stitch length on it's longest setting (for me that's 5).  Just keep feeding the next petal when you get to the end of the subsequent one.  Leave a little trail of thread at the beginning and the end.

5.  Take your lovely chain of petals and pull the bobbin thread from the end to gather them up.  Create a ring by tying the end of your threads to the beginning threads.  Press.

6.  Now cut a scrap of felt in a coordinating color into a flower shape.

7.  Pin the entire flower onto the item you are embellishing and sew around the edges of the felt, making sure to reverse and go forward again to lock in your stitches at the start and finish.  Oh, and change your stitch length from 5 back to something more normal, like 2.25.

8.  If you did a messy stitching job like me, just tell yourself that is part of it's homemade charm.  Pair it with a simple elastic waist skirt for a great Second Birthday present!


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