For this week in the Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-long, I just stuck to the two blocks.  And, honestly, it was a bit of a struggle to get these out.  Having a tough time picking fabrics and I was worried my interest was fading.  But I made them, was pretty happy with 1 of them and at least did a get job piecing the other one to end up with a square, and so I put them all together and now I think I am pretty happy with this project again:

I mean, they look kind of crazy together!  Maybe a little fun too?  Maybe?  Still deciding if I am going to do any type of sashing.  With only  91 blocks left to make I guess I still have time to figure it out!  I think it will be one of those quilts you can just study - so much to see, so many cool fabrics.  Probably too much for the eye to take in as a whole, but interesting to examine closely.

 Here is [19] Checkerboard.  Funny I skipped this one last week because I wasn't loving it and now I think it's one of my favorites.  Lots of Anna Maria Horner X & O's with Lizzy House Pearl Bracelets and stripes.

 This is [21] Contrary Wife with Heather Ross' Far Far Away 1 fairytale frog in the middle of dots and birds.  Kind of random.  Not enough contrast, too many medium value fabrics, I guess!  But it is practically a  perfect 6.5" square with most points lining up, so I'll take it!

So, yes, that is 21 and my first picture clearly shows 20 blocks.  Hmmm, did I skip a block or lose one?  I'll have to investigate...


  1. They look great Courtney! Love the little frog.

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  3. Your blocks are looking beautiful. Your inspiring me to stick with the FW blocks, I'm just on number 6. I have been thinking about the setting, maybe something that has mostly white with a color would work for the sashings to set off these jewels...


    would look great. I thought of it since I am using the same fabric to set some busy blocks of my own. I'll be blogging about it later today.

  4. Thanks for your comment, it was my first ever since I just started my quilt blog. I finally just posted about the quilt I was working on today.


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