FWQAL Week 8

Yes, it is time for the next installment of the Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-long.  It was tough getting back in the groove again after skipping last week and having a lot going on.  But these little Heather Ross gnomes are a great way to get excited about sewing!

The above is [32] Farmer's Daughter.  With Fuschia Beads and Anna Maria Horner XandO's in green.

The second block this week I totally screwed up.

It's supposed to be [33] Farmer's Puzzle.  But those 4 squares on all sides of the window-pane sashing did not turn out to be squares at all.  So I added some more sashing and completely changed the block. Oh, well!  It measures 6.5" square and would take someone very familiar with the QAL to notice it in the quilt!  I used some Laurie Wisbrun Tufted Tweets and Mike's Mini's from Michael Miller.  Love those little birdies.

This week's Farmer's Wife Quote comes from Mrs. G.B.S. of Saline County, MO:

"Cities have produced men whose work one must admire but think of the combination of strength and tenderness that can swing an ax or a corn-knife all day and, at night, bath a tiny baby and put it to sleep in its crib."


  1. Great blocks! The gnomes are perfect!

  2. Thanks! I have to stop myself from putting those gnomes on everything!


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