Today was Jack's first day of pre-school.  Not ever.  He's four so he's done this before.  This morning as I was trying to move them along I came upon this scene.  Had to take a moment to laugh with them & grab the camera.  Worth being two minutes late for!

I had to take the obligatory pictures for first day in our yard (Will doesn't really start until tomorrow as he goes Tues/Thurs).

And then Jack's official picture in front of the school:

Will requested painting in the driveway when we got home.  I keep the Ikea ($14.99) easel in the garage to drag out easily when we get a nice day to paint.

Clearly we didn't need it.

Jack came home to this treat.  He requested a monkey shirt yesterday because Will had on one he has outgrown that he liked.  It was from Gymboree & this one does not really resemble it, but I had just gotten some Moda sock monkey fabric.  I used the brown knit-looking fabric, linen & red jersey to make a monkey like the ones in the print.  He seemed pretty happy with it!


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