Across the Sea

You may have noticed the Across the Sea Quilt-a-long button over there on the right side of my blog.  Well, I have not made much progress, but at least I have 9 of the 20 blocks for the front sewn.  I'm using Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow line with Kona Raffia.  The blocks come together easily, I am just still without a sewing machine.  I called the store today to see if it was ready and they said maybe he could get to it today or else it would be another couple days.  What?!?!?

You would think I am being productive in the evenings since I'm not sewing, but mainly I'm just on Pinterest.

I did manage to put up the vinyl letter set I bought on Totsy.  It's in the playroom, and the boys really like it.  Although they can't understand why some letters are uppercase while some are lowercase and some have extra curlicues! (By the way, that little green chair came with our house.  It was outside and a wreck, but my dad cleaned it up, tightened the screws and painted it!)

I still didn't get half the letters level, but I think it's going to have to work.  I am planning my next playroom project.  I have workers at my house (not making much progress, as they failed the electrical inspection) so I figure they could cut the gutters in half for me.  I don't know if I can really commit to rain gutters on the wall, so this is my backup idea.  Seems like more work, and may not even hold the books as well, but I like the idea of using wood!  Or if any of you have other ideas, please share.



  1. All of it is so cute. I think I've heard that spice racks from IKEA work as shelves for books but they aren't the long ones...

    Love the letters on the wall- super cute! And your blocks are looking great!


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