Copycat Pants

Ever since I saw these I had to make some for Will (of course, nearly everything on that blog makes me want to replicate it, but with the pants I knew I might succeed!).  I used my beloved Oliver + S sandbox pants pattern, but skipped the pockets and the waistband.  Really nothing much left resembling the sandbox pants!  I just think they're a good basic shape.  Although the size 2T for Will (he is getting awfully close to 3) is  a bit on the short side, but it may just be my poorly caculated revisions to adding length to the legs in place of the waistband.  Luckily I have more of the Children at Play stripes in the blue to make Jack & Will each a pair for next spring. 

 Since I have a serger & I trace my patterns onto freezer paper, these were actually produced on my aforementioned Bonus Sewing Night.  By tracing clothing patterns I use a lot on freezer paper it saves me a lot of time.  You iron it on to the fabric to cut out your pieces and then just peel it away when you sew.  It works over and over again.  I forget where in blog land I learned that trick, but it is one of the best!


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