Method to the Madness

I cleaned out my sewing room today while the boys had quiet time. I was trying to clear some stuff out to make room for more fabric.  While photographing this bundle of fabric to put on my etsy shop, I decided I just couldn't sell it.  Anna Maria Horner Folksy Flannels.  In what I believe is the sunset palette? So pretty soon it turned into this:

And I thought I'd share with you how I design, lay out and assemble a quilt.  I don't have a design wall, but I do have a floor!  From the initial layout, I carry "trays" of pieces over to my sewing machine on my trusty 12.5" square ruler.

I assemble the squares and avoid sewing too many L-O-N-G rows.  I used to start at the top and sew row by row, but all you do is sew long rows.  I know, most people stack their pieces in piles and pin row numbers on, but this is what works for me.

What works for you?  Do you think I'm crazy for doing it this way.  Is there a much easier method I should be using?

(let's not bring up the point that this is my 4th in-progress quilt, I just needed to make it - and I actually finished the top this evening)

Oh, and even though you won't see this darling stack

the destash section of my Etsy shop has a lot of treasures in it!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm glad you didn't sell that flannel- it is going to make such a beautiful quilt!


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