Six String Sandbox Pants

When I saw Rachel post about Celebrate Color I knew it was just the push I needed to whip up some pants from this Heather Ross fabric I had bought with that intention.  I think they'll be perfect this fall for Jack.  They are linen blend, which seems to be just the right for a Carolina fall.  A little more substance than cotton, but not quite as heavy as corduroy.  The colors seem just right for fall, a nice, natural linen, a warm yellow (just like our maples in the front), gray and earthy brown accents.

My model was not very cooperative.

After looking through a few pants patterns, I decided to go with my favorite, Sandbox Pants from the beloved Oliver + S line.  I skipped the drawstring and just did elastic in the waistband.  I also skipped the back pockets because I did not have enough fabric.  On the cargo pockets in front I flipped the guitar design to go the opposite direction as the pants and lined them with some gray Alexander Henry Heath in Steel Gray.  I just love those Heath crosshatches!  Too bad you can't actually see it unless you dig in the pocket...

 I love doing a double row of stitching along the hem and the pockets.  It's recommended in the pattern and although it adds a little time to the project it really makes it look finished.

Last shot:

Oh, and Will's official first day of pre-school shot.  He was surprisingly shy this morning (after trying to stay with Jack for the last year), but was thrilled when he saw the classroom with all the cool toys and stations.  What a ham.


  1. They are so sweet, I love the contrast of the horizontal guitars on the pockets too. Nice job!

  2. Very nicely done! Those fabrics look great together.

  3. These came out so cute. Really nice touch with the pockets turned and the lining too!

    {as you can see... I've got a soft spot for this fabric too, but I think you've done it better justice!}


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