KCWC - Day One

Okay, I guess not technically 'Day One,' since you saw my Weekend Wrap-Up yesterday.  But, yesterday was officially Day One of the Kids Clothing Week Challenge.  You really must check out the flickr group for some amazing inspiration.

Freezer Paper stenciling was first priority on my list for 'must do's' this week.  This is an awesome way to personalize children's clothing without any sewing and not much in the way of supplies, either!  Check out this awesome tutorial if you are interested in learning more.

I read an ad for the new Martha Stewart craft paint - you can use the same product for glass, wood or fabric!  I stopped by Michael's last week and got a few bottles.  I resisted all of their awesome accessories, like screw on paint roller tops and such, and bought a few $.29 sponge brushes to use instead.

I cut out a double layer of freezer paper so I could make the boys each a shirt at the same time.  The cutting was easier than I anticipated.  I would recommend a self-healing mat, but I'm sure cardboard works if you don't have one.

Can I just how much I love freezer paper stenciling? Why on earth did I wait so long to jump on the bandwagon?!?!?  I think you'll be seeing some more of this...

I also finished both pairs of Oliver + S Sandbox Pants in gray corduroy with Robot March fabric accents.  I found some matching Robot March trim at Super Buzzy and decided to hem the legs with that.

So another pair of boy-approved school clothes for the dynamic duo.

Yes, Jack is insisting on wearing a belt over his shirt today.  great.  Can't win them all.

And, no, I am not planning on making two matching outfits and taking photos of my boys in them on the steps each morning.  I plan on running out of steam soon!

So, have you taken the challenge to sew an hour a day for Kids Clothing Week?  How's it going for you?


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