Fall in the South

Ah, fall in Charlotte! It is one of my favorite things on earth.  The weather is perfect.  Just jeans and a long sleeved shirt and you probably get a little hot most days if you're in the sun.  Carolina blue skies and bright colored foliage.  Just a little crispness to the air in the morning that's perfect for a run. We've been spending much more time outside, trying to savor every moment before the nice weather slips away.

Yesterday, we had a crew over to clean up all of the trees in our yard.  This spring we had a 40' long limb fall from a large poplar tree that took out our fence and two smaller trees.  We had been outside playing just twenty minutes prior to the crash.  It was not a fun way to spend money, but it has given me peace of mind to know that the master climbers have been to the top of each tree and inspected and trimmed them thoroughly.  Plus, it was amazing entertainment for the boys (and all the neighbor kids)!

This photo is kind of "where's waldo"-esque.  Can you spot the buck?  I think he has 8 points, but it was hard to tell. We noticed a family of deer run through the woods behind our fence just a few minutes ago.  Bettis barked (from inside) and the buck stopped.  I ran for the camera and went out, barefoot and in my jammies, to catch a photo while he posed quite nicely. It's amazing how well I could see him with the naked eye, but how well camouflaged he was in photos from every angle and distance.  I guess that is why he stood so still, staying back, letting the family run to safety and betting on his camouflage to protect him.  What a noble creature.  I feel incredibly lucky every time I see one in the back.

Hope you have an awe filled Sunday too!


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