FWQAL Installment 12

I have to take a photo like this every once in a while to remind myself how much progress I've made and keep up the excitement a little. 

 These blocks really are so much fun to make and select fabrics for.  I love being able to go at my own pace.  Skip a week here, make a few extra there.  I managed to make three for this week:

[49] Honeycomb in some Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey and those Aqua Dots I love.  This one is a little plain, but some of these bolder, more graphic ones do help balance the craziness of the intricate ones.

[53] Jackknife in Little Apples Leaves in Gray and Venice in Aqua.

[54] Kitchen Woodbox in Heather Ross Bicycles, Fuschia Beads and  Lizzy House Red Letter Day Stripes.  Of course this is my favorite of the three (with Jackknife coming in a surprisingly close second - you never can tell until you get them assembled!).  I just can't resist a Heather Ross design in a nice frame!  Although it appears my points are not so perfect - certainly not the first block this has happened! 

I am thinking about some sashing in a very light aqua, but I change my mind every time I play with the squares.


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