Martinmas Lanterns

I know I had a crafty, kids art post yesterday, but I just had to share something in the same vein again today.  I am currently serving my second term as president of our local MOMS Club  and when I saw this post about the Waldorf Lantern Walk and read the story I thought it would make a great activity for our club.  We're always looking for something just a little bit different than the park playdate to switch it up a little.

So, I had a bunch of 1-5 year olds over today, each bearing a mason jar. 

I cut up a bunch of craft tissue paper and gave them each a painbrush and a bowl with half elmer's white glue, half water and a liberal amount of fine grain glitter (pixie dust consistency, actually).  I told them the story of St. Martin as they worked.  Step two was stringing beads on the wire to make handles.  I think they liked this part best.  You just never know...

They were very proud of their lanterns and really loved the story of St. Martin.  I mean a knight on a fine horse that cuts his cloak in half with a sword?  What's not to love?  At bedtime, they were talking about him and thinking of ways they could "let their light shine."  It was too cute, and they have the lanterns with flameless candles by their beds as nightlights.

 I had to share.  Martinmas is November 5, so there is still time for you to do this!  We are excited to take a walk "in the woods" on Saturday with our lanterns.  What a great tradition to start.

Oh, and I've hardly turned on my sewing machine all week.  Ever have one of those weeks?  Just nothing much inspiring me, although there are plenty things I should work on. Hopefully I'll get my groove back and have more sewing-esque things to share soon!


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