Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kona Challenge

Last Thursday the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild held it's first holiday party and Kona Challenge Reveal!

It was truly amazing to see what everyone made with just a little charm square pack of solids.  They are starting to add them to the flickr group, you should check out some of the amazing projects.

I used my new drunkards path template to challenge myself with curves and did quite a bit of free motion quilting (for me, anyway!).  We were allowed to use one extra color and I chose Kona Charcoal.

The curves really got fast and easy after I did a few.  I did not use pins.  I avoid pins any time I possibly can.  I probably should have done straight line quilting on the charcoal part.  I guess echo quilting around curves and straight lines is not my forte.

I kind of like the back better! Now I have no idea what to do with this little mini quilt.

Am I the only one that takes 200 pictures of my kids for the holiday cards and finally gets one decent one:

and 199 that are some bad variation of this:



  1. Love that mini quilt - great colors and design :)

  2. lol for real- b/c my holiday card outtakes are the same as yours. :)
    Your boys are so cute!

  3. i am WAY impressed with your quilt! and, yeah... i've got lots of those pics stashed somewhere on the hard drive. apparently i'm a digital hoarder b/c i can't seem to make myself erase even the awful ones.

  4. Love your quilt! Beautiful! I have one more kid to add into the Christmas photo mix, an infant, and after about 100 tries we gave up. I went with a layout where I could use single pictures of all the kids because I could not get a good picture. At least we didn't go to a professional!


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