Farmer's Wife Installment #14

Well, I was back at it last night.  Farming, that is.  The Farmer's Wife Quilt-along.  I have to say it was not a smooth ride.  The seam ripper got a lot of action last night.  Stupid stuff, too.  I guess I was just tired, but determined.  Here are the results:

[65] Peaceful Hours:  Believe it or not, this is not the one I actually used a seam ripper on.  Looking at the photo I see a few places where I probably should have (what happened to the gray point above her head?)!  Made with Heather Ross Far, Far Away Volume I, Gray Leaves from Little Apples, and Fuschia Beads.

[64] Peace and Plenty:  this was actually not as bad as it seemed for 32 little triangles.  I paid no attention to fabric direction and sewed all 16 sets together by chain piecing.  In Tufted Tweets and something aqua from Sherbet Pips, I think?

[61] Northern Lights:  In prints from Heather Bailey.  This one is pretty boring.  But, on the plus side, everything lined up nicely without a seam ripper!

[63] Ozark Mape Leaf:  in Paris Apartment green stripe and Venice in aqua.  This would be the block keeping my seam ripper busy.  Why?  Who knows.  Seemed straight forward enough, but on these little blocks a small error in cutting or a bit of stretch in those pieces sewn on the bias can be a disaster.  It does not quite make a square.  And I was really digging this block.  Darn.

Which brings me to:

"Huh?  I'm not even on your project, Mom!"
Here is the progress minus two blocks that would have messed up my nice 7x7 arrangement.  I am considering scrapping the idea of making them into a quilt, based on these cons:
  1. Not all blocks are measuring 6.5".
  2. Not all blocks are flat.
  3. Some blocks are downright ugly.
  4. Not so sure I like sampler quilts.
  5. These blocks would make some very cool little projects without much extra effort.
Here are the pro's:
  1. In the photo, they actually look better together than I feared.
  2. It would be a really interesting quilt to snuggle under and really look at all the blocks.
  3. What the heck else am I going to do with these blocks.
  4. I really want to continue making more.  I definitely have learned a lot in this process.
For now I am just going to keep plugging along with it.  After seeing this picture I am thinking of making a small throw with some sashing - using the blocks that end up being the correct size & shape!


  1. hehe... i think they're looking great. and this reminds me that the biggest thing i've learned from quilting is how to let go (at least a little) of this whole perfection thing. i avoided quilting for so long b/c i thought for sure my corners wouldn't line up and it would drive me mad, but i started finding that those little "imperfections" are just the trademark of something made by hand and that there is beauty in that as well.

  2. I think they look great all together. I would just go ahead and smack those babies into a quilt. You have official inspired me. I have been wanting to try hand peicing for a while and I think I may order this book and get started on a Farmer's Wife for my brother-in-law's wedding gift!


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