Surprise in the Post

Can you even believe what I found in my mailbox today? My Blogiversary Giveaway Winner, Kristie, had asked for my address to send me a thank you note.  This was quite a bit more!  She also said something about how she was sure I could make anything she could but wanted to send me a little token.  Okay, maybe the covered button brooch I could do, but that's about it!  Do you see that amazing clutch?  Wait, here's a better picture of it:

Um, no I could not make that!  And especially not in Flea Market Fancy, the most coveted fabric line of the modern era!  It's just amazing.  Have I mentioned I love aqua?  Perfection.  I am going to start planing an outfit around it to carry it with me this weekend.  Good news for you, Kristie has an Etsy Shop!

Once again, I set out to give and am completely humbled by what I receive!


  1. I'm glad you like it. I tried to figure out what would appeal based on the fabrics you sent. Congratulations again on your blogiversary! (my etsy shop is on vacation for a bit, but thanks for posting it).

  2. Awe, it always works that least I find...I'm so happy for you and what a great job she did on the wristlet!

  3. It is lovely and what a happy surprise! So happy for you Courtney! I know you will enjoy it. :)


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