Winner and More Curves

Well, first things first, let's announce the winner of the $25 Fat Quarter Shop Gift Certificate from the Craftsy Block of the Month Blog Tour.  (By the way, did you see Elena's post today with the awesome String Block?  Can't wait to try.)

So, congrats, C Smith!  Unfortunately there is not an email address tied to your account, so PLEASE send me an email right away so I can get you your certificate.  If I don't hear back by the end of the week, I'll select another person.  Thanks!

Now, on to curves:

I know, that is a break from my normal curves, there are more of the sewing kind in a minute.  We are preparing the backyard for a huge dumptruck load of mulch to be delivered this weekend.  I went all around the natural area (about 5x more than what you see here) with a spade to dig a small trench to define the area and stop the grass from spreading into it.  Backbreaking work, but I truly love it.  Most be all those Irishmen that built railroads on my family tree!  Next step involves hostas all around the edge (or until my budget runs out).

The first of my tulips are blooming!

And now, those promised sewing curves from Rachel's Curves Camp. I'm trying to catch up on Week 4, which I missed while on vacation.  I hope to have this one quilted and bound tonight.

Have I mentioned how awesome Rachel's projects have been?  This is the last week, and then I am going back to make everything I didn't get to!

Hope you are having a good start to your week, too! -Courtney


  1. love your choice of fabrics for the curves mat! really bright and refreshing!


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