Finally, some FWQAL!

Oh, Farmer's Wife Quilt Along, how I have neglected thee!  I came back this week, and remembered why I was so addicted in the first place.  I have three blocks to share:

[74] Ribbons in Sweetwater Hometown News (never sick of the text!), Kona Aqua and Pomegranate Seeds from Sandi Henderson's Farmer's Market line.

I love this block, maybe my favorite design so far, and am thinking about enlarging it to do a whole quilt.  We'll see...

[76] Sawtooth in some prized Heather Ross Munki Munki (rotated block to accommodate this scrap), Venice from David Textiles and the light aqua is from Aneela Hoey's Sherbet Pips.  I do love those little sunbathers.  This was tough to cut into.

[80] Single Wedding Star in Heather Ross' Mendocino with the octopus, more Hometown News and an unknown scrap of that lovely almost ikat/almost paisley-ish pink & white fabric. This one was supposed to have only two fabrics, but I just didn't have enough of the HR, and I may have mentioned my feelings on text fabric...

I figure I've skipped a few numbers between 1-80, but I must have about 70 by now anyway.  I think I'm due for another mosaic next week so I can figure out where I am!


  1. I really like the ribbons block, I'd love a whole quilt like that! Definitely post a mosaic of your progress. I love seeing the progress everyone is making. I'm just living through your blocks though, I haven't done a single one!

  2. Your ribbons block is lovely. It would make a sensational quilt I'm sure. I love your colour choices and the newsprit fabric is gorgeous!


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