What are all those acronyms?  Farmer's Wife Quilt Along, Foundation Paper Piecing.  As in, this week I switched from cutting out all those little pieces of fabric from the templates and switched to foundation paper piecing.  I was kind of hooked after my NY Beauty (and this tutorial really explains the process well, if you are interested), so  I joined the Farmer's Wife yahoo group to get the PDF's for the paper piecing.

I'll show you the blocks, and then share my thoughts on the FPP and finally show you a photo of all the blocks so far.

[77] Seasons - in Fuschia Beads, green Paris Apartment by Bari J and the Elephant is from some munki munki jammies,  Heather Ross.  Easy Peasy.  Love it when there are only 9 pieces in one of these blocks!

[79] Silver Lane - in Kona Aqua, Sweetwater Hometown News, Kona pink (?), pink stripes from Urban Chiks Dream On, and the gray is from Aneela Hoey's Little Apples.  Technically the pink solid and stripes were all supposed to be one fabric, but you all know what a hard time I have limiting fabric choices.  You can see how some of the aqua blocks don't quite line up, more on that in a minute.

[85]  Square Dance - in Heather Ross' Far Far Away II from Kokka, orange buds from Amy Butler, Pomegranate Seeds from Famer's Market by Sandi Henderson and the Aqua with white pindots is escaping me.  I thought this was a great block to showcase a princess, too bad I did such a poor job centering my fussy cut!

Okay, on to Foundation Paper Piecing.  It has its cons:  uses more fabric, a lot of trimming while you go, there is a bit of learning curve for the different way of lining up points/centering fabrics, and removing the paper, especially these annoying bits left when you think you are finished:

However, it does have one pretty good pro: the blocks end up the correct size!  Also, it is kind of fun to do and I love skipping the template/cutting part.

This is where I am right now - 63 blocks.  I love it when I can make even rows on the week I decide to take pictures.  I have decided to add another row and column  to make it 8x10, or 80 blocks.  That means just 17 more.  Except for a few that are not close to 6.5" square, so about 20.  I should be finishing them in early summer.  Don't hold me to it!


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