KCWC in Full Force

Already feeling the effects of the Kids Clothing Week Challenge this morning.  Technically the Challenge is to sew one hour a day, but I just can't stop and go to bed at a reasonable hour.  Can you blame me?  I made my first Flashback Tee and I just had to finish!

First up, is I did finish the second pair of Kokka Cars Board Shorts.  Now that I understand the construction technique, the second pair went a little quicker.

I did notice one thing, in my first pair I followed instructions and used twill tape for the pockets.  I steamed the tape first along the curve, but it just would not lay flat.  You can see what trouble I was having: ripped out stitches, sloppy topstitching, yuck.

It said in the pattern that single fold bias tape could be used instead, and having worked successfully with that in the past I decided to use that on the second go.  Much better, although good grief, I should have used my top-stitching foot instead of winging it.  Good thing I didn't use contrasting thread!

So, I think I would use single fold bias tape going forward, unless I am missing something.  Did I use the wrong twill tape?  Feel free to enlighten me!

After finishing the board shorts, I really wanted to tackle these jeans with the knee ripped out. We've had a spell of cold weather and seem to be short on pants that fit my way skinny five year old.  Size 4's are too short, size 5's are huge in the waist.  I decided to do some star patches, like Boden does on their baby pants. I used red knit, hoping the stretch will have a little give and not rip again.  I used heavy duty, no sew Heat n' Bond and then used embroidery floss to hand stitch a running stitch around the edge (I'll get a better picture later, we were rushed this morning because I overslept!).

When I pulled out the red jersey I thought it would be perfect for a Flashback Tee and I had already bought the robot print jersey on Spoonflower (expensive, but best thing ever!  It is so soft and the print stayed bright after an initial wash).

I ignored Rae's directions to sew first and then serge seams.  I just set the differential feed on my serger to accommodate the stretch and sewed the whole thing up rather quickly.  I think my serger and I were getting along and the seams are very strong, so I'm glad I did it this way.

I did follow all the other directions and it went together so smoothly!  I just love this pattern.  You will be seeing a lot more of it!

Okay off to raid my stash and search spoonflower for more jersey to make more Flashback Tees.


  1. Love your ingenuity. The patches are adorable and I am still in awe of your clothing ability! See you Thursday!


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