Spring Break

Our pre-school had spring break last week, so now that it's the weekend, I guess we officially survived. At the start of the week, I had lots of good ideas:

We made marshmallow/toothpick sculptures, talked about engineers and watched youtube videos on building bridges.  The boys were actually enthralled with all this and both decided they want to be engineers.  Disclaimer:  this was all inspired by an episode of Curious George in which he makes a bridge for some ducklings to get back to their mother, don't give me too much credit!

Another fun activity, at the suggestion of The Artful Parent, was colored masking tape art.

I couldn't resist either and experimented with some weaving,

which I promptly added to Spoonflower just to see how fabric would look.

My most exciting moment of the week was the arrival of our screened porch furniture!

View from the door by the kitchen:

And then looking back toward the kitchen door (redundant screen door now removed).  We had the table and chairs set from my parents, who bought it roughly 20 years ago - my motivation in finally just buying the 'good stuff' for the seating area.

I'm just glad it all fit and am now on the look out for a coffee table.  I think the unexpected bonus is how nice it looks from inside the house!

This little table that Andrew's grandparents no longer needed came in handy and I am so glad my mom made me buy this lantern last summer.

Of course we had our share of Easter and Passover fun this week too.  We hosted an Egg Hunt for our MOMS Club friends Thursday and Seder for Andrew's family last night.  This morning we went to another Egg Hunt in our neighborhood, and will be doing more Easter things with my parents tomorrow.

I hope you are having a lovely holiday weekend.  Happy Easter, Happy Pesach, Happy, Happy Spring and Happy anything else I missed! xo - Courtney


  1. Never mind bridges, pretty tape and Easter fun (which all look and sound great!) I have serious porch envy!!!!
    I want to move over to your side of the world and get me a porch like yours!


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