Strawberries and Pouches

Well, I managed to let about four days slip away between getting the notice that our local strawberry farm, Hall Family Farm, was open for picking and actually taking the trip over there (about 1 mile away!).

Now I will fight the urge to spend every afternoon there.  They have the most wonderful slushies: peach and strawberry and muscadine grape.  They have a giant sandbox, picnic tables, a maze, giant tricycles for the kids to ride, a shaded play area, chickens and the berries, of course.  The perfect spot to pass away an afternoon!

Andrew had to have surgery today to repair a hernia.  Thankfully, it went very routinely and he is recovering with the help of some painkillers.  Anesthesia always makes me a little nervous, so I am glad to have that behind us.

In happy news, Andrew's grandfather turned 94 today!  And wouldn't you know he passed his driver's license renewal test with flying colors and doesn't need to get it renewed until he is 99.  Yep, 99.  That seems like a good policy the DMV has going.   In all seriousness, he is one of the smartest men I know (did code breaking for the US in WWII, intercepting U-boat messages in Bermuda), tells the best dirty jokes (which are even more hilarious because he is in every other way the perfect gentleman) and has been married for 70 years!  Amazing!

In sewing news, I finally have had a chance to work on Pretty {little} Pouch swap project.  My partner likes Flea Market Fancy, so it was a good way to cut into my bundle!

Gosh this picture turned out awful.  Must have had something on my lens.  Might have to retake before I post to flickr.

I'm hoping to have some time to finish it up soon.  I'm thinking Andrew might just turn in before me for the next few nights. 

Happy Wednesday! Thanks for reading my rambling, decidely un-crafty post! xo, Courtney


  1. I was laughing when Rob said that he ran into you at the strawberry patch! I am making a dish for a friend's party this weekend & decided I NEEDED local strawberries. ;) I'm so glad that everything went okay with Andrew's surgery. Tell him that we're thinking about him. Also, Happy Birthday to his granddad. He sounds like a really neat guy. We need to have y'all over sooner then later!


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