Bead Bags, CMQG and Summer Plans

Hope you're all having a great day today!  I have a few random things to share.

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First off, tonight is our May meeting for Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild.  If you are in the area, you should try to come check us out tonight.  We are all bringing our favorite things for show & tell.  They can be books, notions, tools, patterns, etc.  Should be fun!  Hoping I don't leave with too many things added on my mental wish list.

Last night I whipped up a couple of bags for Beads for Courage. Someone at Presbyterian Hospital contacted Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild calling for these bags.  This newly implemented program is a big success already, but they are in need of more bags to store the beads and hang by the babies' bedsides.  The beads help the families see their challenges, happy moments & milestones in a very tangible way.  If you are interested in making a bag, the tutorial is right here.  It is a quick and satisfying project.  You may send them to Beads of Courage to distribute them or to Presbyterian Hospital directly in Charlotte:

Child Life Department
Attn: Elizabeth Gray
200 Hawthorne Lane
Charlotte, NC 28204

that's some bedhead on Will - wasn't improved much after combing either
Now, on to summer plans.  My boys were very clear in expressing their desire not to go to any camps this summer.  We have only ever done camps a morning or two a week for a month, so not a huge change, but I was feeling the need to come up with some new activities.  Particularly with Jack entering kindergarten, I want to make sure he continues to work on reading and writing over the summer.  I began to plan a little calendar with weekly themes and a mix of fun activities, art projects, cooking and field trips (you can see lots of ideas on my Pinterest Education Board).  I still felt it was lacking and that many things may be more trouble than they were worth.  I came across this post by Sew Liberated.  I have read Montessori books and blogs in the past and felt very overwhelmed.  When I read that Meg, a trained Montessori teacher, felt overwhelmed trying these methods in the home setting and endorsed the eBook, Montessori at Home, I thought this might be just what I needed.

I got to work reading for the last few nights and finally felt ready to try some activities today, the first official day of our Summer Vacation.  I went with an activity that was easy and didn't require me to go out and buy materials for.  Transferring.   As in, pouring water back and forth between two cups.  I know they always like to play with water, but I had my doubts that this would hold their interest for very long.  But, the book was clear on starting with Practical Life activities, even with an older child.   I demonstrated how they should fill their cups up with water at the sink, carefully carry them over to the table, pour back and forth, wipe up any spills and wring the cloth out into the bucket.  They loved it!

Once the water transfer activity was dying down I set up a washing station for them (moving from dirty to clean - tray of dirty things, sudsy water, rinsing water & towel).  They washed all the materials they used and their breakfast bowls and spoons.  Again, a huge hit.  They moved all the furniture back and put all of their cups, bowls, and silverware away when we were finished.  All told, it was about an hour and a half of good clean fun for them.  All the while, I was able to make and eat my breakfast and take care of some other household duties.  I never even had to remind them about wiping up spilled water.

So, this is not going to turn into a Montessori or home schooling blog, but I just wanted to let you know what we are up to.  I will probably have the occasional post about something I find worth passing along.  I know some of my readers have children or grandchildren and are probably happy to have a fun new activity idea once in a while!


  1. I started a Beads of Courage program where I used to work. It is awesome! The families will really appreciate those bags!

    And your posts about kid activities are my favorite ones, so keep 'em coming!

  2. Great post but my favorite thing is Will's bedhead. His hair is impossible in the morning. I have no idea how you figure out to do these projects with them, good thing you're in charge!


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