Prism Progress

I think we are supposed to be finished cutting and on to piecing in the Patchwork Prism Quilt Along.  No surprise that I am a little behind.  However, I am feeling a little better about it because today I had a big idea.

I am making it into a hexagon instead of a rectangle!  I know, I am probably not even close to the first person to do this, but it has me excited!

I also switched the one purple triangle that was still bothering me with it's lightness.  In the second photo, replaced in the top one.

This quilt is huge!  I was thinking of adding one more ring in blue/dark blue, but I don't think I can manage the size without taking over a room downstairs.  That's a bad idea because then I can't keep this guy away.

He was not happy to be excluded from the fun of quilt layout today, but, you know, it makes it darn near impossible.  He looks pathetic.  Now I am feeling guilted into taking him out for a run.

This would be why this quilt takes me so long.  Oh, so fun to grab every aqua fabric with reckless abandon.  Considerably less fun to fold and put all them away once the cutting is finished.  Ugh, still on the floor right now.

Art Project today was: Color Your Own Legs!
Mainly because this guy started crying because he couldn't carry the dragon beanbag on his head for very long.  Yep.  Made me think maybe I should put the fabric away and cook dinner.  I take my half hours of sewing when I can get them,  and even ninjago legos can't occupy these guys forever.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!!! xo,  Courtney


  1. It's looking fabulous. Can't wait to see it all finished. :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Love it. And a great idea to change the layout. Absolutely love the picture with the beanbag; just too cute!

  3. I think it looks wonderful! It will be so cool to have a hexagon quilt! I'm excited to see this come together for you.

    p.s. adorable canine!

  4. its gorgeous Courtney. I have just arrived home with 3 more pieces of green and then i am done, so you are not the only one behind....i HOPE to start sewing mine together tonight/tomorrow. I have the weekend off but also have my 3 little treasures to consider...x

  5. The quilt looks awesome, I can't wait to see it progress and I love the idea of keeping that shape overall!

  6. The quilt looks so cheerful! Good call on replacing the violet piece. I find fabric folding is a great thing to do as I'm winding down for the night or when I just have a few minutes to spend In my room. That way I can use good awake brain time for the fun stuff!


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