Prism Quilt Top

I finally finished sewing the Patchwork Prism quilt top.  It took much longer than I thought it would as sewing the rows together required quite a bit of seam ripper action. ugh.  Many points are still not lined up properly, and never would have been unless I started over at this point.

See, it really is a good thing I haven't figured out what to do with our living room yet.  It was the only space in my house large enough to baste this giant hexie (well, not that giant - the batting is double size, can't even imagine king).  Look at Bettis being such a good boy and not getting on the quilt!  If only he was always such a good listener.

And here it is with the batting all trimmed.  I am actually planning to quilt it a little with just the batting layer.  Then I will sew the backing on, right sides together, flip it right side out and hand quilt or knot a little more.  I know I can do binding around a hexagon, I just hate to add a border to this design.  I actually almost added a 5" light gray solid border all the way around, but I didn't like it as well as I hoped, so I am just sticking with this layout.

Okay, here is some more about that whole seam ripping ugliness. Yes, this quilt could be a typography map (I think that's the correct term?) with these pieced hexies as the mountainous areas. After ripping every seam and re-sewing a number of times I have come to the conclusion that I messed up in the cutting or printing template stage.  Oh, well.  It's just going to be a picnic quilt anyway and I just had to move on with life.   Have I already used that excuse too many times?  I read something somewhere about how perfectionists never get much done compared to people that don't have to have everything perfect.  I am probably too far on the "getting things accomplished" side of the perfection spectrum.

One of the joys of having flowers in my yard is getting these visitors.  I just love to look out and spy one.  She seems to have lost a big of her wing, which made me sad to realize,  but it isn't stopping her at all.

Hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. I love how it has turned out! Don't worry, all will go flat with quilting and washing. Or at least that is what I like to say.

  2. Bright and colorful, I love it! I had trouble with my piecing too. I reduced my template in half on purpose but it didn't work well. Some rows were really long some not.

  3. I think it's so cool that you're leaving it as a giant hexagon! Your quilting plan sounds fabulous. I'm with you on the getting things done -- once you're enjoying it outside, no one's going to be peering at it and noticing if the seam intersections aren't quite perfect! :)

  4. i'm a fan of letting go of perfection and moving on... i mean, otherwise, i'd never finish anything. lol! but it looks great :)


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