Before I start my normal post, let me just say that I LOVE THE OLYMPICS.  I anticipate them with great joy, watch them enthusiastically and eat up the many inspiring stories that they offer.  I have always thought the games showcase the human spirit so well.  It warms my heart that so many countries come together in peace.  This is the first year I paid attention to the stories of athletes defecting from their countries.  It makes me sad that not everyone has such a happy home to return to.  Home should be a refuge, but to so many people in this world, especially in Africa, it is the opposite.  It makes me sad, but this week there are two amazing opportunities for us to make a big difference with just a little money:  Action Kivu (hurry, almost over) and Lemon:Aid.  A little bit really does make a difference, and shouldn't every child have a childhood as carefree as this:

Back to sewing news.

Today my mother-in-law took the boys for a good chunk of the day for one last Camp Mimi.  While they were off having a grand time, I ran a few errands and finished my block for do. Good Stitches (it took a while).  In the Joy Circle this month we made Swoon Blocks in gray, green and blue. I will not lie, this was a lot of cutting.  I started the block thinking, wow I could never make an entire quilt of these squares, but in the end I might have changed my mind.  I mean, if you do all of your cutting at once it is not so bad, right?  And I really do like the design.  I hope it gives some comfort to the four year old boy, suffering from a rare degenerative disorder, and his family that will receive this quilt.  I can't imagine the pain they are going through, but I do hope a quilt lovingly made by ladies all over the world helps them know that they are not alone.

While I was finishing up, I heard a rustling sound and knew the dog was getting into something, but couldn't figure out what would make that sound.  Then it hit me, the kids' tent from ikea.  Hoping I knew what happened I grabbed my phone and sure enough Bettis found some new digs.

This weekend I hosted a bridal shower for my cousin with my mother and aunt.  I was on dessert duty.  I made cupcakes and cookie favors.

In other wedding related news my husband and I are coming up on ten years (!) next month.  To celebrate we just booked a hotel in Asheville (a two hour drive for us) for the night plus signed up for a bike tour and a foodie tour (yum, can't wait).  He also revealed that he has been doing research and is planning to get us a new DSLR camera as our anniversary present.  So the good news for you is that you will start to see real pictures in my posts again (hopefully better than ever, but I know there will be a steep learning curve) instead of just instagrams from my phone!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are settling in for a great week! xo - Courtney


  1. your son is adorable speeding away. your swoon turned out great. I still need to do mine but have been procrastinating because I have heard it takes so long :) . the desserts look yummy! what is the purple?

  2. Courtney - I spent last weekend in Asheville with some friends and had a blast! (I'm about 3 1/2 hours from there - Cookeville, TN). We waited over an hour to eat at Tupelo Honey, but it was worth the wait. And we had a delicious dinner Saturday night at Vincenzo's, a lovely Italian restaurant downtown. We also sat in the lobby bar at the Grove Park Inn and had drinks, since we couldn't afford to stay there. Anyway, Asheville is so much fun - You guys enjoy yourselves! OH, and your Swoon block is beautiful; I love the aqua. Almost makes me want to take the dive, but I already have too many quilts in the queue.

  3. So much to love in this post! Love your new Swoon block, and aren't those bridal gown cookies just the sweetest? Love it. Speaking of, I'm STARVING...must go find breakfast! xoxo

  4. You've got a big heart, lady. Thanks for sharing the results!

  5. stumbled here that wedding dress cookie! We have a lab who would have loved that tent too....thanks for sharing your blog with us.


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