Big Boy Pants

Of course, since I made the little guy something, I couldn't come home from Sew South without something for my two big guys.  Considering how many of their pants have holes in the knees right now, I decided to go with more pants.

I used my favorite boys pants pattern, Treasure Pocket Pants from the book Sewing for Boys, again.  I just love the faux fly, elastic waist, pockets and the chance to use some novelty print fabrics without ending up with something looking like pajamas.

This first pair, for Jack in size 6/7 uses Echino cars for the focus fabric and camel corduroy for the main.
 Will's pair, in a size 4/5, uses navy corduroy and a Kokka Trefle print with robots, his favorite thing.

I have had this fabric for a while and somehow have not had a chance to make these pants for so long.  In reality, I made all 5 pairs (these and the big butt baby pants) in one day at Sew South, so considering how quick they were to make, I probably could have gotten to them at some point sooner.  That is one thing I love about sticking with a tried and true pattern, you hardly have to reference the directions once you cut out your pattern pieces.  

I think I am probably passing on Kids Clothes Week this time around, since it is the week of my c-section!  So this was good, kind of like KCW early for me!

I promise I will be back with a rundown of Sew South soon, it is just so much to process!


  1. The pants look great! Love the Echino fabric. It is true - boys can never have enough pants, since they are so hard on them. :)

  2. I loved hanging out and sewing with you! You were by far one of the most productive people (ha, I just realized the double meaning what with the growing baby and all)! Thank for all your help and inspiration. I loved everything you made! Hope the shower brunch on Sunday was great-we missed you at the final session!


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