Finally, a finish (and my new room)

I decided to prioritize my pillow from Anna Maria Horner's Quiltcon class and I finally got it finished.

I do still want to throw it in the wash just to see how lovely it will crinkle up.

I mostly used running stitches and french knots, following the design of the fabric. 

I love that orange cluster of french knots.  I wish I had done more of that!

In other news we are finally doing something with our living room.  It has had a giant hutch desk in there and that wingback chair from the first picture for three years now.  The hutch was so big I couldn't fit much else in, but I just sold it on Craigslist and brought down this old roll top desk my parents got when they were first married.  It was crazy moving all my stuff into a smaller space, but it was a good purging exercise and everything is so much more accessible now.

I had the room painted Benjamin Moore Dove White last week and it is so much brighter in here now without the dark khaki walls.  I read a decorator in Southern Living said not to stress about choosing the perfect white as he has gone through all the heartache for you and this is it.  It works perfect in every room.  Thank goodness he was dead on right!  I didn't even test it, but I love it.  It reflects those spa linen drapes in the first picture and sometimes looks almost pale blue/gray.

That framed print is a scene from Man of La Mancha, the one thing Andrew really wanted when his grandparents downsized to assisted living last year.  I still want a chalkboard or something to go above the desk.  The silver  tuft/ottoman was from Target when they had the Calypso collaboration last summer.

We are making this room into a real usable space for the whole family.  I have a pinterest board of ideas here, but hope to make it a reality in the coming weeks.  I'll keep you updated!

xo,  Courtney


  1. Gorgeous! I meant to comment on this last night but got distracted by your pinterest board!

  2. Ooo, your pillow is beautiful!

  3. love the way your pillow turned out!


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