Random June Recap

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 Ugh, I was hoping for a last minute dispensation, but it looks like Google Reader really is no more.  I've tried The Old Reader, Feedly and Bloglovin' and finally decided I like Bloglovin' best (or hate it the least).

 In other news, Baby Boy turned two months at the end of June:

Sean is such a good baby and is enamored by his two big brothers.  I love having a baby again and spend a lot of time chatting and smiling with him.  

Now that summer is here, we are also doing "Mama Pajama School" again, but only on good mornings where mama got some sleep and had a chance to do some planning.  The week before we went to the beach, we had a blast with Space Week!

My boys loved playing with the astronauts in their moon rock (lentil) sensory bin and acting out the story of Ham, Trailblazer in Space.  They just loved the old film strip style youtube clip about the first monkey in space.  Pretty cool that the Space Toobz figures included a monkey and model of the shuttle he traveled in.

Will watching Ham parachute down into the ocean.
We did lots of other activities about space, too.  We used model magic to make a replica of the solar system, painted with ice cube stars in shaving cream, and even ate astronaut ice cream!  You can see more pictures with the hashtag #mamapajamaschool on instagram.

I am off to a good start for July bees, I made my blocks for Haven Circle of do. Good Stitches already!

We did monochromatic blocks from Don't Call Me Betsy's Wheel Block Tutorial.   Kind of making me want to make a quilt like this!

Hopefully I'll check back in more often this month!


  1. I love how your baby is fist-bumping his own accomplishment.

  2. You amaze me! Love your space camp idea and know your boys must have loved it too! Great bee blocks :)


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