Heather Ross Mini for Handmade Birthday Club

Goodness, I am so behind on posting it is hard to know where to start.  So, I am in this group on flickr where we make a birthday gift for each other throughout the year.  My birthday is in April and I got an amazing haul of gifts.  I will share those soon, promise!  But today I am sharing a mini quilt I made for Sarah's birthday earlier this month.

It's not always easy to make something for someone you don't know without the direction of a swap that might have specific guidelines about what to make, but in this case Sarah happened to comment that linen and Heather Ross was her favorite combination.  I just happened to see that comment the day I was trying to find some inspiration for her present.

I had seen similarly constructed quilty items and I just decided to start with a hexagon and build it out, in rainbow order, log cabin style.

You can see that the yarn dyed essex linen gave me a little trouble with some stretching, but overall I love the design and all the fun Heather Ross fabrics.  In fact, I actually cut out two of all the pieces in an effort to make it easier to make one for myself some day!

I added some hand stitching around the princess :)

Well, I hope you are all having a lovely summer (or winter, depending which hemisphere you're in), and I promise not to be gone so long.  Almost back to school and routines, and more me time. sigh, mixed emotions!
xo, Courtney


  1. i love heather ross! what a gorgeous mini.

  2. So fun to see some posts from you. Yay! I hope you had a great summer too.

  3. This mini is just gorgeous!!! Luuuv it!!


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