Handmade Birthday 2014 Wrap Up

Last year I joined a group started by Susannah Kate called the Handmade Birthday Club.  The idea is that you are in a group with 11 others and about once a month it's someones birthday and you all make something handmade for them.  So, over the course of the year you make 11 gifts and on your birthday you receive 11 lovely, handmade packages!

It worked out really well.   I knew a few people in my group, and got to know them even better, and made some new friends, too.  I made my 11 gifts and got 9 in return, which in terms of swappy things like this, I think isn't too bad.  Plus, the 9 gifts I got were all amazing!

Handmade Birthday Club 2014 - received

The photo above shows the lovely gifts I received.  From the top 1. Liberty patchwork mini by Tammy 2. Heather Ross mini from Karen 3. Stationery set from Sarah 4. & 5. Sewing machine cover, C mini from Di 6. Hexie Trivets from Becca 7. Wallet from Sarah 8.Project Bag from Susannah Kate 9. AMH Mini from Diane 10. & 11. Applique dish towel from Lee

Handmade Birthday Club 2014

And this mosaic shows the gifts I made.  1. Rainbow Mini for Amy (@needledfig on IG) 2. Boxy Pouch (from Patchwork, Please) for Sarah R. 3. Heather Ross mini for Sarah L. 4. & 5. Hand Sewing travel pouch (pattern in Patchwork, Please) for Deborah 6.Rocket Factory Mini for Rebecca 7. Tea Towel and Hexy Trivet for Tammy 8. Flower tote bag for Karen 9. Liberty Potholders for Di 10. Noodlehead Divided Basket for Susannah Kate 11. Tea towel and Hexy trivet for Lee 12. (not pictured) linen napkins with AMH for Diane

It really was a fun year of making (and receiving!) but I took a year off.  I do miss it, so I'll probably go back to it for 2016.


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